30 Packs of Sehat Pria for Men’s Wellbeing Indonesian Herbs


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30 packs of Sehat pria for men’s well being indonesian herbs

Sehat Pria

Type : Powder Form

Serial : 10

Packing : Pak

Category : Men Health

Composition :

Burmani Cortex 600 mg
Rhei Radix 600 mg
Alyxiae Cortex 600 mg
Glycyrrhizae Radix 1200 mg
Colae Semen
600 mg
Eurycomae Radix
600 mg
Zingiberis aromaticum Rhizoma
600 mg
Piperis nigri Fructus
300 mg
Alii sativi Bulbus
300 mg
Retrofracti Fructus
600 mg
Indication :
Specially for men’s overall health, stamina and increase appetite.

Direction :
Mix one sachet with 100 ml of lukewarm water, add salt. for taste Take twice a day one sachet in the morning and afternoon.

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