2 x 30 Indonesian Herbs Capsules of Body Slim for Slimming


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2 x 30 indonesian herbs capsules of Body Slim for slimming

Body Slim

Type : Capsule

Serial : BSL

Packing : Botol

Category : For Beauty and Body Treatment

Overweight or obesity is caused by resistance of burning fat. Fat is usually accumulated under the skin and around the stomach, the intestines, the liver, even around the heart and kidney.

BODY SLIM is made of 100% natural herbs, contains no artificial coloring and preservative agents therefore it is safe and has no side effect.

Indications :
Reduces fat, helps to firm up stomach muscles and beautify the body, makes the body healthy and fresh.

Compositions (in extract form) :

Guazumae Folium 100 mg
Sappan Lignum 50 mg
Parameriae Cortex 75 mg
Curcumae domesticae Rhizoma 75 mg
Zingiberis purpurei Rhizoma
75 mg
Kaempferiae angustifoliae Rhizoma
25 mg
Glycyrrhizae Radix
50 mg
Curcumae xanthorrhizae Rhizoma
50 mg
Direction for use :
One or two capsules three times a day.

Packaging :
30 capsules / bottle

POM TR. 102311011

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