2 x 30 Indonesian Herb Capsules Kunir utih / White Curcumin for Antioxidants


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2 x 30 indonesian herb capsules of kunir putih / white curcumin for antioxidants

Kunir Putih

Type : Capsule

Serial : KPK

Packing : Botol

Category : For Certain Disease

The incidence of cancer has been increasing significantly, and has now become one of the leading causes of dead among the populace. The treatment of cancer using modern therapy can cause undesirable side effect while its effectiveness remains to be proven. An alternative method of treatment is by the use of indigenous plants (Curcumae manggae Rhizoma), which are abundant in Indonesia’s flora.

Curcumae manggae Rhizoma contains flavonoid, saponin, volatile oil, and curcuminoid that work together as “Immunomodulator”, to improve the body’s immune system. Curcumae manggae Rhizoma has been proven for preventive and therapy for cancer.

KUNIR PUTIH capsules contains high quality Curcumae manggae Rhizoma extract, which is processed with modern technology, contains no artificial coloring and preservative agents therefore it is safe and has no side effect.

Traditionally used for cancer preventive and therapy.

Curcumae manggae Rhizoma Extract 80%

Direction for use:

Prevention : One or two capsules once day
Treatment : Two capsules three times a day, until fully recovered.
30 capsules / bottle

POM TR : 022316511

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