Bali Ciggies Sampoerna Amild Menthol Tobacco 50G




Cloveciggies Sampoerna Amild  Menthol  Blend Tobacco

Recreated from the famous Sampoerna Amild Menthol Blend of high quality Javanese and Virginian tobaccos enhanced with quality clove and special sauces, deliver consistent taste from many generations.

Perfected by a time tested Javanese recipe that results in the uniquely delicious essence and fragrant aroma of Cloveciggies Sampoerna Amild Menthol Blend.

This is an amazing kretek tobaccos that can be enjoyed even without filter. The drag is so smooth, the taste is so  incredibly tasty!

Equivalent to 38 mg Tar 2.5 mg Nicotine when you rolled it to King Size cigarettes.

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