600 grams of Indonesian Gunung Biru Arabica Ground Coffee


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600 grams of indonesian Gunung Biru Arabica Ground Coffee in 3 x 200 grams foil pack

JJ Royal brings you the unique taste of Gunung Biru Java Estate Arabica coffee from the volcanic highlands of Kayumas in Ijen Plateau, Eastern Java. Located 1,200 meters above sea level, Kayumas’ rare and superior quality beans are arduously handpicked, sorted and meticulously roasted to medium-dark perfection. Savor the sweet aroma and the smooth, mellow flavor that culminates in a clean, well-rounded aftertaste.

Tasting notes :
Aroma : Sweet, Sugar browning
Flavor : Smooth, mellow
Acidity : Slight Tangy
Body : Medium bodied
Aftertaste : Clean and Well-rounded

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