30 Packs of Tujuh Angin Mint for Cold Reliever Indonesian Herbs


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30 packs of Tujuh Angin mint for cold reliever

Tujuh Angin Mint

Type : Powder Form

Serial : 42P

Packing : Pak

Category : For Certain Disease

Composition :
Burmani Cortex

900 mg

Sintok Cortex
420 mg

Glycyrrhizae Cortex
600 mg

Cubebae Fructus

600 mg

Coriandri Fructus

500 mg

Piperis nigri Fructus

230 mg

Myristicae Semen

350 mg

Amomi Fructus
900 mg

Zingiberis aromaticae Rhizoma

950 mg

Zingiberis Rhizoma
550 mg

Foeniculi Fructus

250 mg

Mint Herba

750 mg

Indication :
Helps to relieve common cold and its symptoms such as flatulence, nausea and vomit.

Direction for use :
Mix one sachet with 100 ml lukewarm water. Take one sachet three times a day until condition improves.
To maintain
stamina due to lack of sleep, overwork and frequent travel; take one sachet once a day.

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